About this program

We will be using Code for Life which is a block-based visual programming language targeted primarily at children. 
We will be teaching the different concepts of programming by solving fun puzzles in a game like environment. It is designed for kids that have no prior experience with coding. 

As the kid progresses through various concepts, we will be setting up unique personalised challenges based on the kid's understanding to further their skills.


To participate in this class, you need:

1. Laptop with Internet Connection
2. Zoom Video Conferencing Software

Make sure that the device you're joining the live class on is fully charged and you have good internet connectivity. Also, sit in a quiet place where you can concentrate without distraction.

Nithish Manoharan


Nithish Manoharan

Nithish is a Computer Science Graduate from University of Southern California. He is a startup enthusiast and has headed technology teams at various successful companies.

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