About this program

Are you ready to solve the Rubik’s cube and impress your friends? In this course, we will teach you how to systematically solve a 5X5 Rubik's cube. Mastering the cube and being able to quickly solve it will keep your minds active and sharp, amongst a ton of other benefits.


To participate in this class, you need:

1. Laptop with Internet Connection
2. Zoom Video Conferencing Software
3. 5X5 Rubik's Cube

Make sure that the device you're joining the live class on is fully charged and you have good internet connectivity. Also, sit in a quiet place where you can concentrate without distraction.

Viki Kumar


Viki Kumar

Viki Kumar is a WCA Certified speed cube trainer and blindfold Rubik's cube solver. He has 10 years of teaching experience.

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