About this program

This program is designed for kids who want to explore their interest in drawing. We will teach the kids how to draw simple characters, objects, animals, etc while learning some techniques in the process. This class is open to kids of all experience levels.

There is no prerequisite for this program.  


To participate in this class, you need:

1. Laptop with Internet Connection
2. Zoom Video Conferencing Software
3. Pencil, sketch pens, scale, eraser, and plain papers.

Make sure that the device you're joining the live class on is fully charged and you have good internet connectivity. Also, sit in a quiet place where you can concentrate without distraction.

Vineeta Vijaykumar


Vineeta Vijaykumar

Vineeta is an artist who has been sketching since childhood. She loves painting with acrylics and oil. She is a Software Engineer by profession.

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