About this program

In this course, we will build advanced games and workflows using Scratch. This is designed for kids who are already comfortable with Scratch. During this course, we will work on various projects, some of which might span over multiple sessions. This program will help the kids to become confident programmers on Scratch.

Level 3 has multiple modules and projects. The student can take up other modules and projects after they finish this module. 


To participate in this class, you need:

1. Laptop with Internet Connection
2. Zoom Video Conferencing Software

Make sure that the device you're joining the live class on is fully charged and you have good internet connectivity. Also, sit in a quiet place where you can concentrate without distraction.

Nithish Manoharan


Nithish Manoharan

Nithish is a Computer Science Graduate from University of Southern California. He is a startup enthusiast and has headed technology teams at various successful companies.

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