Minecraft Club

Welcome to Minecraft Club

Learn more about the game, collaborate with fellow Minecrafters, and build cool stuff


Minecraft is more than a game. It is a 3D environment that you can control, mod, and create. The goal of our club is to use Minecraft to enhance creativity and learning. In addition to playing, we will explore the inner workings of Minecraft and the technologies that run it.

We have our own server which is free and moderated by our awesome club officers. Members have access to the server 24×7 and can play with their friends or collaborate with other members during community hours.

Additionally, we have regular Zoom meetups where students can learn from experts and share their ideas. We also host challenges and tournaments to have some fun.

Java Players -
Bedrock Players -

You need to be whitelisted to access the server. Please let us know your Minecraft username in the discussions channel and we will whitelist you.

How to gain XP?

You can increase your club XP by doing the following activities:

• Attending club meetups regularly
• Completing challenges
• Completing programs offered by the club
• Volunteering for the club
• Winning tournaments
• Helping others